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Gal Gadot is an Israeli Actress, Model, and Producer who was born on 30 April 1985, Petah Tikva, Israel. At age 18, she was crowned Miss Israel 2004. She then served two years in the Israel Defense Forces as a fitness and combat readiness instructor.

Gal Gadot Age and Birthday

She is 33 years old as of 2020, she was born on September 30 April 1985, in Petah Tikva, Israel and celebrates her birthday on August 30 every year.  She will be 34 years old on August 30, 2020.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character is a founding member of the Justice League. The character first appeared in All-Star Comics #8 in October 1941 with her first feature in Sensation Comics #1 in January 1942. The Wonder Woman title has been published by DC Comics almost continuously except for a brief hiatus in 1986. In her homeland, the island nation of Themyscira, her official title is Princess Diana of Themyscira. When blending into the society outside of her homeland, she sometimes adopts her civilian identity, Diana Prince.

Wonder Woman has been featured in various media from radio to television and film and appears in merchandise sold around the world, such as apparel, toys, dolls, jewelry, and video games. Shannon Farnon, Susan Eisenberg, Maggie Q, Lucy Lawless, Keri Russell, Michelle Monaghan, Rosario Dawson, Cobie Smulders, and Halsey among others, have provided the character’s voice for animated adaptations. Wonder Woman has been depicted in both film and television by Cathy Lee Crosby, Lynda Carter, and in the DC Extended Universe films by Gal Gadot.

Gal Gadot Height and Weight

She stands at a height of around 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in), and she weighs around 58 kg.

Gal Gadot Photo

Gal Gadot Education

She began studying law and international relations at IDC Herzliya college.

Gal Gadot Parents and Sibling

She is the daughter of Irit Gadot who is a teacher while her father Michael Gadot is an Engineer. She has one sister by the name, Dana Gadot. Her maternal grandparents were born in Europe; her grandfather, who was imprisoned in the Auschwitz concentration camp, survived the Holocaust, and her grandmother left before the Nazi invasion. She has stated that she was brought up in a “very Jewish, Israeli family environment”. Gadot’s family is of Ashkenazi Jewish (Polish-Jewish, Austrian-Jewish, German-Jewish, and Czech-Jewish) descent

Gal Gadot Husband, Yaron Varsano

She married Israeli real estate developer, Yaron Varsano in 2008. Yaron Varsano is an Israeli businessman and real estate developer from Tel Aviv Hotel, Israel.

Gal Gadot Husband Age | Yaron Varsano Age

Yaron Varsano is 45 years old as of 2020. He was born in 1975 (age 45 years), Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Gal Gadot Husband and Kids | Yaron Varsano Daughters

The two couples are blessed with two lovely daughters.

Gal Gadot Daughters

They have two daughters, one born in 2011, and another in 2017.

Gal Gadot Facts and Body Measurements

Here are some interesting facts you don’t want to miss about Gal Gadot

Full Name: Gal Gadot
Age/ How Old?: 33 years old
Date of Birth: 30 April 1985
Place of Birth: Petah Tikva, Israel
Education‎:  She began studying law and international relations at IDC Herzliya college.
Birthday: 30 April
Nationality: American
Father’s Name: Michael Gadot
Mother’s Name: Irit Gadot
Siblings: Dana Gadot
Husband: Yaron Varsano
Children/ Kids: Two – Maya Versano and Alma Versano
Height/ How tall?: 1.78m
Weight: 58 kgs
Profession: Actor, Producer
Net worth: $15 million

Gal Gadot Tripple Nine

Triple 9 is a 2016 American action thriller film directed by John Hillcoat and written by Matt Cook. The film stars an ensemble cast featuring Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Anthony Mackie, Aaron Paul, Clifton Collins Jr., Norman Reedus, Teresa Palmer, Michael K. Williams, Gal Gadot, Woody Harrelson, and Kate Winslet. The film was released on February 26, 2016 in the United States by Open Road Films. The film polarized critics and audiences, and was a box office disappointment, grossing $25 million against its $20 million production budget.

Tripple Nine Cast

Casey Affleck as Chris Allen
Anthony Mackie as Marcus Belmont
Chiwetel Ejiofor as Michael Atwood
Clifton Collins Jr. as Franco Rodriguez
Woody Harrelson as Jeffrey Allen
Aaron Paul as Gabe Welch
Kate Winslet as Irina Vlaslov
Gal Gadot as Elena Vlaslov
Norman Reedus as Russell Welch
Teresa Palmer as Michelle Allen
Michael K. Williams as Sweet Pea
Michelle Ang as Trina Ling

Gal Gadot Lase Dress

Gal Gadot and Paul Walker

She worked alongside Paul Walker on three Fast and Furious films, and she says that she still hasn’t fully processed his tragic death. Gadot went on to say that Walker’s death was “super, super tragic,” and she explained that she adored him.

Gal Gadot Net worth

Gadot has enjoyed a long career in the movie industry for a long time. Through proceeds from her work as an actress, she has been able to accumulate a modest fortune. She is estimated to have a net worth of about $ 15 million.

Gal Gadot Movies

  • Wonder Woman – 2017
  • Wonder Woman -1984
  • Justice League – 2017
  • Batman vs. Superman – 2016
  • Fast & Furious – 2009
  • Fast Five – 2011
  • Keeping Up with the Joneses – 2016
  • Fast and Furious 6 – 2013
  • Criminal – 2016
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet – 2018
  • Triple 9 – 2016
  • Knight and Day – 2010
  • Date Night – 2010
  • Red Notice – 2020
  • Fast and Furious 7 – 2015
  • Death on the Nile – 2020
  • Justice League Part Two
  • Kicking Out Shoshana – 20014
  • Between Two Ferns: The Movie – 2019
  • The LEGO Movie 2 – 2019
  • Wonder Woman Costumes
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Gal Gadot News

A Real-Life Wonder Woman: 35 Fascinating Facts About Gal Gadot
Like the rest of us, it’s shaping up to be an interesting year for Gal Gadot.
The Israeli superstar who catapulted to fame when she landed the iconic role of Wonder Woman was meant to have a massive 2020. Not only is she celebrating her 35th birthday on April 30, 2020, but the highly-anticipated sequel Wonder Woman 1984 was due to hit theaters this summer with a Netflix film co-starring Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson was in the midst of filming. 
And then coronavirus struck. 
Suddenly, all of Gal’s projects were put on hold and pushed off schedule, Red Notice, the Netflix film, went into hiatus, and her parents back in Israel weren’t able to travel to Los Angeles for a long-planned Passover visit meant to double as a celebration of their own big birthdays. (60!) “Of course I miss my family,” she told Vogue in a May 2020 cover story, “but the biggest priority for all of us is to stay home, not get it, and not give it to other people. With all the sadness and all the big . . . missing that I feel, that’s the only thing we can do right now.”
“Obviously the circumstances are horrible and frightening, but we’re home and we’re trying to make the best of it—to enjoy the quality time,” she told the publication. “It’s so surreal. I’ve never been through times like these. But I’m also full of hope for when it will be behind us.”
While celebrating her birthday will be obviously a bit different this year, we thought we’d do our part to honor her by sharing with you all 35 of the most fascinating facts from a life well-lived.
1. Gal Gadot was born on April 30, 1985 in Petah Tikva, Israel and raised in the neighboring city of Rosh HaAyin. “”I was brought up in a very lovely, naive neighbourhood,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald in 2016. “We didn’t have cell phones. You would go in the afternoon to see friends, you’d just walk to their house and knock on the door and ask for a play date. We were all very active as kids.
2. In Hebrew, her first name means “wave” and her last name means “riverbanks.”
3. Mom Irit was a teacher and dad Michael an engineer. And it was mom’s job that influenced Gal’s early life. “”My mother was a PE teacher so I grew up playing volleyball, tennis, basketball … I was a high jumper,” she told the Australian outlet. “I was very, very active.”
4. While both parents were born in Israel, Irit was a first-generation Jewish Israeli. (Michael was sixth-generation.) Her maternal grandmother managed to get out of Europe before the Nazi invasion, but her grandfather wasn’t as lucky. They were still in Czechoslovakia when the Nazis arrived. His father died in the army, while he, his mother and brother were sent to Auschwitz. He was the only one to survive. “His entire family was murdered – it’s unthinkable,” she told Rolling Stone in 2017. “He affected me a lot. After all the horrors he’d seen, he was like this damaged bird, but he was always hopeful and positive and full of love.
5. She has one younger sister, Dana, whom she described as a “ray of sun” on Facebook back in 2016.
6. Though she received modeling offers while in high school, she opted to work at the local Burger King instead. I was like, ‘Posing for money? Ugh, it’s not for me,'” she told RS.
7. After graduating high school and before her compulsory service in the Israeli armed forces, her mom talked her into competing in the 2004 Miss Israel pageant. “I got in and I never thought I would win and then I won and then it scared me,” she told W Magazine in 2017. “I was like, ‘What? Miss Israel? All the responsibility of being Miss Israel?'”
8. Winning meant she had to compete in that year’s Miss Universe pageant in Ecuador, which she had no desire to take seriously. “I was afraid I might get picked again,” she told Glamour in 2016.  “I showed up late. I came without gowns. They tell you to come to breakfast in a gown. I was like, “No way am I having breakfast in a gown!” Who needs to wear an evening gown at 10:30 A.M.?” She finished outside the Top 20.
“I lost majorly,” she happily told Rolling Stone. “I victoriously lost.”
9. At 20, she began serving her two mandatory years in the Israel Defense Services. “I was a combat instructor,” she explained to the Sydney Morning Herald. “I was never on the field doing anything dangerous or with weapons. I was in the gym training soldiers and keeping them in shape. I did that for two years. I did learn to use a weapon in boot camp. But I was never in a situation where I had to use one.
10. While serving, she met Yaron Varsano, a real estate developer 10 years her senior, “in the desert at this chakra/yoga retreat type of party,” she told Vogue in 2020. “And he was too cool for school. Like, we were in the same group of friends, but I didn’t know him and he didn’t know me. And something happened kind of from the first moment we started talking. When we got home, I was like, ‘Is this too early to call you? I want to have a date.’ Then we go out, and by the second date he told me, ‘I’m going to marry you. I’m going to wait for two years, but we’re going to get married.’ I was like, ‘Fine.'” True to his word, they tied the knot in 2008.
11. In 2007, she appeared in a Maxim spread entitled “Women of the IDF” that generated modeling and acting offers. A year later, she began a lengthy stint as the main model for Israeli clothing brand Castro.
12. Despite the lucrative offers beginning to roll in, she decided to enroll at the IDC Herzliya college, where she studied law and international relations “because I’m so deep, and I loved Ally McBeal,” she told Rolling Stone.
13. After completing her first year at university, a casting director asked her to audition for the role of Bond girl Camille Montes in Quantum of Solace. “I told my agent, ‘What are you talking about? I’m in school. I’m not an actress. I’m not gonna go,'” she told RS. “And he was like, ‘Just show respect and go.'” She lost the role to Olga Kurylenko.
14. While she didn’t become a Bond girl, she did make her acting debut in 2007, starring in the short-lived Israeli series Bubot, with her big break was just around the corner.
15. Just months after losing out on the Bond role, the same casting director who asked her to audition brought her in for the role of Gisele in Fast & Furious, the fourth installment in the franchise. This time, she got the gig. “I think the main reason [I was cast] was that the director Justin Lin really liked that I was in the military, and he wanted to use my knowledge of weapons,” she’s said of winning the role.
16. Appearing in four Fast and Furious films in total, Gal’s performed nearly all her own stunt work in the action-heavy franchise. 
17. In the same year she made her big screen debut, she also appeared in an episode of Entourage as well as a few of the short-lived CW drama The Beautiful Life: TBL.
18. The offers soon came rolling in and she began sharing the screen with Tom Cruise (Knight & Day), Tina Fey and Steve Carrell (Date Night).
19. Despite the increased profile, she and her husband still found time to open a hotel in Tel Aviv together, The Varsano. “We found ourselvesstaying in hotels all the time. We wanted to feel at home, which is when we discovered these apartments within a hotel in Los Angeles,” she told in 2011. “It became the inspiration for Yaron’s hotel, The Varsano. I think that Yaron and I make a really good team. I understand his career and he understands mine. We help each other progress in all areas of life. We’re both very career driven.” She was so involved in helping run the business, she even claimed she changed the sheets herself when in town.
20. In 2015, the couple sold the hotel to Israeli-Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich for a cool $26 million.
21. When she got her first audition to play Wonder Woman in Zach Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, she wasn’t told exactly what role she was vying for. “Zack [Snyder] called me and was like, ‘So do you know what you’re testing for?’ I said, ‘No,'” she told Rolling Stone. “He said, ‘Well, I’m not sure if you have her in Israel, but did you hear about Wonder Woman?'” Turned out she had.
“My jaw dropped,” she told Glamour of the moment. “I tried to sound nonchalant, like, “Oh yeah, Wonder Woman, sure.”
22. Prior to landing the life-changing audition, she was contemplating throwing in the towel on her acting career all together. “I was as close as it gets,” she told Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist in 2017. “There’s so much ‘no.’ There’s so much rejection in this world that I thought, ‘Maybe it’s not for me. …Maybe I should go back to law school instead of dragging my family with me.'”
“I was in this weird career phase, going back and forth from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles for auditions. I kept getting pretty far—multiple callbacks, camera tests—then it would be a no. Over and over. I was like, ‘God, Yaron, maybe I should quit,'” she told Glamour. “Then my agent called and said Warner Brothers wanted to audition me for something.
23. During a 2017 appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Gal admitted that the training regimen for the role of Wonder Woman, which involved swordsmanship, Kung Fu, kickboxing, capoeira and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, was tougher than her training for the military. “I was training six months prior to the shoots and six hours a day I did two hours of gym work, two hours of fight choreography, and one and a half hour [to] two hours [of] horseback riding … It was a lot more intense [than the army] by far,” she admitted.
24. Gal and Yaron are parents to two girls, Alma and Maya.
25. When reshoots on Wonder Woman got under way in November 2016, Gal was five months pregnant with second child Maya. To hide her conspicuous baby bump, a triangle was cut from the front of her suit and replaced with a bright green cloth that would allow the bump to be digitally replaced in post-production. “On close-up I looked very much like Wonder Woman,” she told Entertainment Weekly in 2017. “On wide shots I looked very funny, like Wonder Woman pregnant with Kermit the Frog.”
26. While Wonder Woman was received nearly rapturously upon release, not everyone was a fan. The film was protested in Lebanon, which has tensions with Israel, over Gal’s military service and support of the IDF. The film was similarly banned in Algeria, Tunisia, and Qatar.
27. Though a prominent face of the DC Cinematic Universe, there was a possibility that Gal could’ve been scooped up by Marvel first. In a 2013 interview with, she mentioned she was up for a role “where I will have to shave my head and they will color me in blue paint.” Weeks later, news broke that Karen Gillan had been cast as the bald and blue Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy.
28. Not only did Gal love to perform her own stunts, but she considered herself a massive motorcycle enthusiast for much of her life. “I enjoy doing my own stunts. I love being active and physical,” she told Elle Australia in 2015. “I used to dance which was great training but I also loved motorcycles but I thought it best to give them up when I became a mother.”
29. Speaking of dance, there was a time in her life where she thought that might be her path. “I danced for 12 years – ballet, hip-hop and jazz – I thought I might be a choreographer,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald. “I never planned on being an actress. Life just happened that way.”
30. In October 2019, she took her career into her own hands and formed the production company Pilot Wave alongside her husband. “As producers, we want to help bring stories that have inspired us to life,” the couple said in a statement. “Pilot Wave will create content that promotes the perspectives and experiences of unique people and produce impactful stories aimed at igniting the imagination.”
Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are reunited in this exclusive Wonder Woman 1984 image
Have no doubt: Wonder Woman 1984 is a sequel to Wonder Woman. Yes, the movie may take place in a completely different time period – and even have some previously thought dead characters return – but director Patty Jenkins is adamant that the upcoming flick continues Diana’s story.
“There was a little period of time where people got very upset, and questioning: ‘Is it not a sequel? Is it a total reboot?’” Jenkins tells our sister publication Total Film magazine in the upcoming issue. “It is a sequel, insofar as nothing is contradicted between the two movies. But it’s very important to me that it’s not more of the first movie. It’s a totally different movie. Now, when you see the trailer, you can feel it.
“It’s a different tone, look, feel, world, and context. That was what important to me. This is its own standalone story that, of course, is also a continuation of our characters and their linear line. It’s just its own movie with its own very different feel.”
Of course, the new time period – baked into the title – was always going to make a huge difference, taking Diana Prince away from the trenches of WW1 and into the gaudy excesses of the decade when greed was good. 
As for the fact that the year resonates with George Orwell’s surveillance-state classic, don’t expect that to be coincidental. Jenkins has previously said that she picked 1984 “for a very specific reason”. Get a new look at the time period in an exclusive new image of Wonder Woman 1984 above.
You can read the extended interview with Jenkins – plus conversations with the team behind Free Guy, including Jodie Comer, Reynolds, and Joe Keery – in the upcoming issue of Total Film, which hits shelves and digital on Friday, May 1. You can subscribe online here. Wonder Woman reaches cinemas 14 August.
If you can’t make it to the shops, you can order a copy of the print magazine from this link from Friday. You can also subscribe to Total Film digitally on your tablet, and there’s currently an offer that allows you to get your first five digital issues for just £5/$5/€5. Head to this link to sign up (Black Widow issue available from April 3). Terms and conditions apply, offer runs until April 30, 2020. If you subscribe, you can get exclusive covers like the one below.

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