Chris Cuomo Biography

Chris Cuomo is an American journalist born and raised in New York City, United States. Currently, Cuomo works as a presenter at CNN  for the Cuomo Prime Time Show. Previously, before joining CNN, Chris was working as ABC News as a Chief law and Justice. Additionally, he was a co-anchor for ABC’s 20/20.

Chris Cuomo Age

Chris is 49 years old as of 2019, he was born on August 9th, 1970 in New York City, United States. He celebrates his birthday every August 9th of every year. Cuomo will be turning 50 years in 2020.

Chris Cuomo Height

Cuomo is a man of average height. He stands at 6ft 2inches. Also, he weighs a massive 181lbs.

Chris Cuomo Education

He attended The Albany Academy in Albany, New York, and then went to Yale University where he graduated with an undergraduate degree. Cuomo obtained a Juris Doctor(J.D) from Fordham University. He is a licensed attorney.

Chris Cuomo Family

His parents are Mrs. Matilda nee Raffa and Mr. Maria Cuomo. Mr. Maria Cuomo is the former New York Governor. His paternal grandparents are Chris Raffa and Mary Raffa, his mother’s parents while Immacolata Cuomo and Andrea Cuomo his father’s parents. Mr. Maria Cuomo has several relatives Frank Cuomo, Joseph Raffa, and Samuel Raffa who are Chris’s uncles.

Chris Cuomo Siblings

Chris has grown up alongside 3 sisters; Margaret I. Cuomo, Maria Cuomo Cole, and Madeline Cuomo and a brother, Andrew Cuomo. His brother, Andrew Cuomo, is the current New York governor. Nanny Mazzola happens to be Cuomo’ s aunt. Additionally, he has several nieces namely, Cara Cuomo, Christina Cuomo Perpignano, Mariah Cuomo, Catie Cole, Amanda Cole, and Marianna Cuomo Maier.

Chris Cuomo Wife

Cuomo is married to Cristian Greeven. The two tied the knot in 2001 in a Roman Catholic church in Southampton, New York. Together, they are blessed with 3 children namely, Bella Cuomo, Carolina Regina Cuomo, and Mario Cuomo. Cristian and Chris reside in Manhattan, United States together with their children.

Rumors have been on and off about their divorce and also them going through ups and downs. However, they confirmed that they are not getting divorced any time soon.

Chris Cuomo Wife- Cristiana Greeven

Chris’s Wife, Cristian Greeven is an American Gotham Magazine editor. She is well known as the founder and editor of ‘Purist’ Magazine. The magazine first came to the public in 2017.

Chris Cuomo Wife Age| Cristiana Greeven Age

Cristiana Greeven is 50 years, she was born on  January 20th, 1970 in the United States. She celebrates her birthday every January 20th of every year. Green turns 51 years on January 20th, 2020.

Chris Cuomo Wife Corona Virus| Cristian Greeven Coronavirus

The famous CNN presenter, Chris Cuomo, announced that his wife, Cristina, is diagnosed with coronavirus. Additionally, Chris said that she is much stronger than he is. However, several days after, sources allege that Cristina is showing recovery signs.

Chris Cuomo Wife and Kids| Cristiana Greeven Children

Cristiana and Chris are blessed with 3 children namely, Bella Cuomo, Carolina Regina Cuomo, and Mario Cuomo. They reside in Manhattan, United States together with their children.

Chris Cuomo Salary

Working as an anchor and host for CNN- News, Cuomo is entitled to a salary of $2.5 million annually.

Chris Cuomo Net Worth

Cuomo has enjoyed a long career in the journalism industry spanning almost three decades. Through proceeds from his work as an anchor, he has been able to accumulate a modest fortune. Chris is estimated to have a net worth of about $9 million.

Chris Cuomo Quick Facts and Body Measurements

Here are some interesting facts you don’t want to miss about Chris;

  • Full Name: Chris Cuomo
  • Age/ How Old?: 49 years old as of 2019
  • Date of Birth: August 9th, 1970
  • Place of Birth: New York City, United States
  • Education‎: Yale University
  • Birthday: August 9th
  • Nationality: American 
  • Father’s Name: Mr. Maria Cuomo. Mr. Maria Cuomo
  • Mother’s Name: Mrs. Matilda nee Raffa
  • Siblings: Margaret I. Cuomo, Maria Cuomo Cole, and Madeline Cuomo
  • Married?: Yes, Cristiana Greeven
  • Children/ Kids: Bella Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo, Carolina Regina Cuomo, and Mario Cuomo
  • Profession: Journalist
  • Net worth: $ 9million
  • Height: 6′ 2”
  • Weight: 181lbs
  • Shoe Size: 9 (US)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue

Chris Cuomo CNN News

He joined CNN in February 2013 as a co-host of its morning appears. On February eighth, 2013, he made his introduction as a field correspondent covering February 2013 nor’easter. It was later declared that he would move to primetime to have Cuomo Primetime. In 2017, HLN, debuted another narrative arrangement, Inside with Chris, that he facilitated. In September 2018, he began facilitating a 2-hour radio show, Let’s Get After It, on the P.O.T.U.S. channel om Sirius XM.

Chris Cuomo Prime Time

In the wake of airing a few distinct projects in this vacancy as of late, CNN endeavors to set its prime-time plan by moving Cuomo to the hardest hour in link news. Cuomo, the previous co-stay of CNN’s morning show ‘New Day’, shuns board talks for the top to bottom one-on-one meetings that test lawmakers and newsmakers on their positions.

He likewise examinations the updates on the day and presents breaking news. Depicted by one production as “America’s hardest anchorperson”, Cuomo needs his show to be known as one that holds common discusses. “The need is clear”, he says. “Ideally we help fill it”.

Chris Cuomo Ratings

Cuomo Prime Time is the most elevated watched show airing on CNN. It has again drawn a greater number of watchers than some other shows the system is airing. The above data was seen as valid by Nielsen Media Research. The numbers, in any case, place Cuomo in the third spot behind his rivals, Sean Hannity on Fox News and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Chris Cuomo New Day

“New Day With Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota” is CNN’s leader morning program that prepares the table for the entirety of the day’s news. The three-hour show highlights interviews with newsmakers, lawmakers and world pioneers, and investigation from CNN reporters and supporters.

It’s facilitated by Chris, an honor winning a stay, and journalist who came to CNN from ABC News, where he tied down “20/20” and “Great Morning America,” and Alisyn Camerota, a long-lasting Fox News grapple who joined CNN in 2014.

Chris Cuomo Corona Virus

Cuomo just tested positive for coronavirus. According to our resources, he will still be working but from home. He wrote the message on his Twitter account saying,

‘In these difficult times that seem to get more difficult and complicated by the day, I just found out that I am positive for coronavirus,’

Additionally, Cuomo is worried if he has given it to the kids and his wife. His big hope is that he didn’t pass it on. On Monday he anchored from home and he also had an interview with his brother, Andrew Cuomo. In the interview, they shared brotherly barbs about the basement live shot location. Currently, Cuomo works from his basement where he anchors the Prime Time Show.

Chris Cuomo Twitter

Chris Cuomo Instagram

Chris Cuomo News

Andrew Cuomo tells matchmaker he’s ‘eligible’
Gov. Andrew Cuomo may be guiding New York through a pandemic, but he sure seems ready to get back on the dating scene after learning he is a hot commodity among New York women.

“I am eligible,” a coy Cuomo said on 1010Wins Thursday.

The 62-year-old dad-of-three was asked about a new survey by matchmaker Maureen Tara Nelson, which found that he and his CNN anchor little brother Chris Cuomo tied for most handsome man in New York.

“Now that you raise it, most wanted eligibility, my brother is married, I am not married, so I don’t think he would qualify as eligible, however I am eligible,” Cuomo responded, chuckling.

And he didn’t need to look very far for his next date.

When anchor Susan Richard pointed out that both she and the governor are Sagittariuses from Queens, he replied: “Sounds good to me. It all started in Queens, Susan.”

Cuomo and longtime girlfriend, chef and author Sandra Lee split last fall. Before that relationship, he was married to Kerry Kennedy for 15 years.

But his popularity with the ladies has skyrocketed since the pandemic began.

Women have called his daily briefings on the outbreak their “fix,” his appearances on Chris’ primetime show have also been a hit and social media and Tik Tok is flooded with people declaring their crushes on the brothers Cuomo. The hashtag #Cuomosexual even trended last month and has appeared on T-shirts.

So it wasn’t that much of a surprise when the siblings tied at the top of Nelson’s annual “Most handsome man in New York” survey, knocking actor Justin Theroux off his pedestal.

“Because of the saddesness of the pandemic, we’re watching his daily briefing, he’s making us feel safe — every woman wants that — and he shows us that he’s family-oriented,” with quips about Sunday night dinners with his three daughters, Nelson told The Post.

The governor checks all the boxes for what Nelson’s clients look for: Intelligence, being family-oriented, “a strong man,” assertiveness and “they all want someone handsome.”

Asked about the perfect match for Cuomo, the Long Island matchmaker said: “She has to have beauty and brains and be tolerant of the fact that he’s well known and is extremely busy.

“He needs someone that is at his level [and] he works so damn hard, he needs a woman that truly will love him for him.”

Nelson already has a blond in mind as a possible partner for the gov, but wouldn’t dish out any names.

“I have someone beautiful, poised, smart, sexy, very well known on Long Island. She is top notch and by my intuition, would make a great match.”

Going through a matchmaker would be a good way to avoid disappointing dates, she said, adding: “If he tries to date on his own, I can guarantee you he is going to get every golddigger in the world.”
Cuomo’s office didn’t immediately return a request for comment.

Additional reporting by Bernadette Hogan


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