Bill Hemmer Biography

Bill Hemmer is an Emmy Award-winning American television anchor and reporter. Currently, he is the anchor of FOX News Channel’s Bill Hemmer Reports every weekday at 3-4PM/ET. He joined FNC in 2005 after leaving CNN where he served as co-anchor of American Morning, and of both CNN Live Today and CNN Tonight.

He is one of FNC’s top breaking news anchors. Throughout his more than a decade career at the station, Hemmer has provided extensive live coverage of several major stories. In 2018, he contributed to FNC’s special live coverage of that year’s midterm elections and broke down the results on the electronic “Bill-Board.

Bill Hemmer Age

Hemmer was born on November 14, 1964, in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. He is 55 years old and celebrates his birthday every Nov 14. Hemmer’s zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Bill Hemmer Height

He is a man of above-average stature. Hemmer stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m).

Bill Hemmer Engaged

Though there is no known information about whom Hemmer is currently dating, it is known that Bill has been engaged in several other relationships previously. The most conspicuous relationship was with the Canadian model Dara Tomanovich. The duo was in a serious relationship for 8 years that is from 2005 to 2013.

Just when people expected that Bill would soon pop the big question and the wedding bells start to chatter, an announcement was made that it was all over. Since the announcement back in 2013, no one has come out openly to say that they are in a relationship with Hemmer neither has he mentioned his dating life ever again. It is safe to assume that he is single.

Bill Hemmer Family

Bill was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is the son of a retired mattress manufacturing-company executive, Bill Hemmer. He is the middle child and the second son of all five Hemmer’s children. Hemmer attended Our Lady of Victory (Cincinnati) Catholic parochial school before graduating from Elder High School in Cincinnati in 1983.

Bill Hemmer Education

Hemmer graduated from Elder High School which is located in Cincinnati in 1983. Bill alongside one of his friends began a radio program during their senior year. The show on the radio program used to play fifteen minutes of music during the breaks and before the classes began. Hemmer attributes his passion for journalism to the High School show that he aired.

Bill attended Miami University which is located in Oxford, Ohio, the United States where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in broadcast journalism. He joined the Delta Tau Delta fraternity while he was studying at Miami University. The fraternity created an opportunity for him to study at the Miami University Dolibois European Centre. The University was located in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

Bill Hemmer Career

During his college life, Hemmer worked as an intern radio DJ for Mama Jazz at WMUB-FM. He left WMUB-FM to work at WOXY-FM. Bill would later leave WOXY-FM to join Cincinnati’s NBC affiliate working as an intern.

During his career beginnings, Hemmer loved working as a radio DJ and found fun with it until the mid-1980s while he was working at WLWT-TV in the sports production. It was not until then that he realized that he was passionate and more comfortable working in live television. As passionate as he was, he had made an impact during his internship in the field of broadcasting and he was now on board for grab as he was in his senior year at Miami University. WLW-TV offered Bill a job as a sports producer in their channel.

Gaining expertise in his field of work called for more promising projects on his way and as fate would have it, Hemmer soon left WLW-TV to work with CBS affiliate WCPO-TV as a sports anchor. Bill Hemmer took a break from his day to day work routine in 1990 so that he could tour the world and see more as well as get the exposure.

Bill was 26 at the time and he had to take a nearly year-long long from WCPO-TV. In his tour travel, Hemmer visited China, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Egypt, Israel, and Eastern Europe. During his time in India, Bill visited Calcutta where he spent two weeks working in the children’s clinics run by Mother Teresa.

During his tour, Bill did work samples in writing and video recordings as well as photos taking. He would later send the content he wrote, tapes as well as photos to both The Cincinnati Post as well as CBS’s local affiliate. Cincinnati is currently a defunct local newspaper.

His content would later be assembled into several sections collectively known as Bill’s Excellent Adventure. For his great works during his time off and his tour, Bill Hemmer won several awards including two regional Emmys, Best Entertainment Program, and Best Host.

When he returned from his break, he never went back to his position but went to work as a news reporter for WCPO. Bill later left WCPO to accept a position at CNN’s international headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bill Hemmer CNN

Hemmer spent 10 years at CNN hosting a variety of programs, together with American Morning (originally with Paula Zahn, and later with Soledad O’Brien), CNN Tonight, CNN Early Edition, CNN Morning News, and CNN Live Today with co-anchor Daryn Kagan.

While at CNN, Hemmer reported the bombing of the 1996 athletic contest in Atlanta. He also spent thirty-seven days in Tallahassee, Florida, throughout the Florida election recount of the 2000 U.S. presidential election.

He anchored from World Trade Center web site in new york town for a month within the aftermath of the attacks of 11th of September 2001, and from Khandahar, the Islamic State of Afghanistan throughout the buildup of the American forces within the beginning days of The War on Terror.

Bill had an instrumental role within the network’s coverage of the Timothy McVeigh execution, broadcasting from Terre Haute, Indiana, where McVeigh was placed to death for his role in the Oklahoma City bombing. In the summer of 2002, Hemmer broadcasted live from Somerset, Pennsylvania, on the mining accident that cornered 9 employees for seventy-seven hours when a wall separating their tunnel from an old house that was abandoned, flooded mine gave means, causing many gallons of water into their workspace.

In 2003, Hemmer traveled to Kuwait to report on escalating tensions in the Asian country referred to as Iraq and remained on-the-scene to broadcast Operation Iraqi Freedom once the war began.

In 2004, he reported the Democratic and Republican conventions and served as a member of CNN’s prime-time anchors on election night.

Hemmer broadcasted live coverage from Vatican city on the death of Pope John Paul II in 2005.

He additionally spent over a month covering the crisis in Kosovo, where he announced on the aerial bombing missions from Aviano airbase in the Italian Republic, the exile crisis from Skopje, Macedonia, and on the most recent NATO developments from Brussels.

Hemmer received an Emmy award Award for his work on CNN’s coverage of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta.

Bill Hemmer Fox News

Hemmer joined Fox News in August 2015. As soon as he joined the channel, Hemmer was sent to Louisiana. He was to cover the news of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. Hemmer joined Fox News in August 2005 and was now sent to LA for the network’s coverage of cyclone Katrina and cyclone Rita.

Throughout the war between Israel and Lebanese Hizballah in Lebanon throughout the summer of 2006, Hemmer anchored from the front-lines within the city of Metula in northern Israel. Throughout 2008, 2012 and 2016 election seasons, Hemmer reported the political party conventions from their various cities—including the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary.

His “BillBoard” on Election Nights is intended to bring knowledge to viewers, capturing the take real-time from precincts across the country. Hemmer was the network’s lead newsman and anchor from the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in addition, because of the website of the Hub of the Universe Marathon bombing in Apr 2013.

Hemmer traveled to Helsinki, Finland to report on President Trump’s Summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin In July 2018. In 2019 Hemmer reported February’s Nuclear Summit between President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un from Hanoi, Vietnam, the terminal that assignment at the demilitarized zone in South Korea.

He conjointly had the primary interview with current U.S. Attorney General William Barr once he traveled to El Salvador following the discharge of Special Counsel Henry M. Robert Mueller’s report on the Russia Investigation in could.

Hemmer has aired “America’s Newsroom,” which is a Fox News morning show, since launching the program with former anchor and colleague Megyn Kelly. He presently is the co-host with Sandra Smith from nine AM to twelve PM civil time.

Fox News Anchors and Reporters

His fellow news team at Fox News include;

  • Mikoe Galanos
  • Anjali Rao
  • Richelle Carey
  • Julie Bandera
  • John Scott
  • Ed Henry
  • Shanon Bream
  • Sandra Smith
  • Melissa Francis
  • Eric Shawn
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  • Heather Childers

Bill Hemmer Reports

The new show that Hemmer started in January 2020. It made history after starting with a record of 1.8 million viewers for its premiere episode Monday, trouncing the cable-news competition.

MSNBC averaged one million viewers while CNN averaged only 867,000 during the same 3 p.m. ET time period.

“I am very happy to start this next chapter with you at home. We won’t solve the world’s issues in an hour, but over time we will understand them better. I call it the whole picture,” Hemmer told viewers. “We’ll be fast and we’ll try to be first, but we will focus on being fair. In the end, the whole picture takes time, but over time we hope to see you around here more often and that’s our word.”

“Bill Hemmer Reports” averaged 269,000 viewers among the key demographic of adults age 25-54, while CNN managed 199,000, and MSNBC averaged 164,000 demo viewers.

Bill Hemmer tracks real-time COVID-19 global case numbers

Bill Hemmer digs into the numbers and shows a significant chart detailing coronavirus cases reported around the world

Bill Hemmer Facts and Body Measurements

The following are some facts about Bill that you wouldn’t want to miss: 
  • Full Name: Bill Hemmer
  • Date of Birth: 14 November 1964
  • Place of Birth: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Height: 5ft 7in'(1.75Meters or 175cm)
  • Weight: Not Available
  • Shoe Size: Not Available
  • Body Shape: Not available
  • Hair Colour: Black

Bill Hemmer Political Affiliation

Throughout 2008, 2012 and 2016 election seasons, Hemmer covered the political party conventions from their respective cities—including the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary. His “BillBoard” on Election Nights is designed to bring data to viewers, capturing the vote in real-time from precincts across the country. His political leanings are not known, therefore, it could be assumed that Bill is neutral.

Bill Hemmer Salary

His career has grown over the years and judging from his normal Lifestyle, Bill lives a comfortable life. He earns an annual salary of $400 thousand on the show and also from some commercials.

Bill Hemmer Net Worth

Hemmer has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars as of the 2016 report.  This figure may have grown exponentially.

Bill Hemmer Podcast

To listen to all his podcasts including the one that he sat down with Gordon Chang, an expert on China and author of The Coming Collapse of China where they discussed the ongoing trade war with the U.S. and China, the future of the delicate relationship and more, visit

Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith

Hemmer has aired “America’s Newsroom,” which is a Fox News morning show, since launching the program with former anchor and colleague Megyn Kelly. He presently is the co-host with Sandra Smith from nine AM to twelve PM civil time.

Bill Hemmer Religion

Hemmer, the Fox News lead anchor recently disclosed that he is a Christian and is of the Roman Catholic denomination. Bill also said that he is a believer in the word. This information will soon be updated.

Bill Hemmer and Shephard Smith

When Smith abruptly left Fox News in October, the slot was left a void in the middle of the network’s daytime schedule. Hemmer has taken up the morning show to cover up for Shephard Smith.

Bill Hemmer Profile | Facts

Every year, Bill returns to Cincinnati to host the George Knittle Memorial Bayley Place Golf Classic named in honor of his grandfather, George F. Knittle, which benefits Bayley Senior Living. George Knittle died at the age of 100 in 2003.

Hemmer was the honorary chair of the Ohio River Valley chapter for the Arthritis walk in 2008.
Bill is a supporter of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

Hemmer spent a week at the Vatican moderating the Second Annual Adult Stem Cell Research Conference in April 2013. In May of the same year, Bill served as the keynote speaker at Miami University, Oxford’s Farmer School of Business’ commencement.

Hemmer, along with two fellow Miami University graduates, established the MUDEC scholarship in honor of the long-time service of Dr. Emile Haag to the Miami University Dolibois European Center and awarded to a student seeking financial assistance to attend school in Luxembourg.

In 2013, Hemmer was the recipient of the Elder High School Professional Distinction award.

Bill Hemmer Scorpion

Fox News TV reporter Bill Hemmer continues to be inquisitive how a 6-inch-long scorpion got into his Greenwich village flat and injured him on the foot back on 13th October 2018. Hemmer, UN agency lives on the highest floor of a 17-story building, got out of bed within the middle of the night. As he shuffled within the dark, he felt a sharp pain in his foot.

“I thought I was either electrocuted or broke a bone,” Hemmer told me.

The metagrobolised broadcaster visited associate equally metagrobolised neurologist following day because he didn’t feel well, however his symptoms subsided. A few days later, Hemmer’s brave cleaning woman crushed the large scorpion on his room floor and sent him a photograph of the clay.

Scorpions are not among New York’s 589 common bugs and insects listed by and mostly live in the Southwest.

“How in the world did it get there?” asked the early-rising newsman.

As for his housekeeper: “She gets a raise.”

Bill Hemmer House

Hemmer left CNN in June 2005 and joined the Fox News channel two months later. During the transition from CNN to Fox News, Bill paid $1,750,000 for a house in Sag Harbor, New York. Hemmer’s Long Island pad has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two-story living room and dining area with walls of glass, den with a fireplace, French doors that lead out to a large heated pool and a hot tub that are surrounded by a brick terrace. The post-modern-style home was built in 2000, has 2,544 square feet, and is set on over two acres.

Bill Hemmer Awards and Achievements

Hemmer is undoubtedly an amazing and talented news reporter and anchor according to the following awards and achievements;

Regional Emmys
Best Entertainment program
Best host

In 2013, Hemmer was the recipient of the Elder High School Professional Distinction award.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bill Hemmer

Who is Bill Hemmer?

Bill Hemmer is an American born journalist who currently works with Fox News Channel.

How old is Bill Hemmer?

The Fox News reporter was born in 1964 and is 55 years old as of 2019.

How tall is Bill Hemmer?

Hemmer stands at 1.75 meters in height which is equivalent to 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

Is Bill Hemmer Married?

Though there is no known information if he is currently married or still single, Bill was previously engaged to Canadian model Dara Tomanovich.

How much is Bill Hemmer worth?

The Fox News presenter gains most of his fortune from his successful career as a journalist. Hemmer is estimated to have a net worth of $4 million.

How much does Bill Hemmer make?

His successful career as a broadcaster has helped the worth of the Fox News reporter to raise. Bill earns an estimated annual salary of $500 thousand.

Where does Bill Hemmer live?

The Fox News journalist is known to be residing in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.

Is Bill Hemmer dead?

Bill is alive and healthy living a comfortable lifestyle. There has also not been any history of him suffering from any kind of chronic disease.

Where is Bill Hemmer now?

Hemmer recently stated his 3 pm ET. the show titled Bill Hemmer Reports. The show airs on MSNBC.

What happened to Bill Hemmer?

Bill joined the Fox News fraternity in 2005 and worked as a reporter based in New York. Hemmer also worked as a co-anchor of Fox News Channel reporting for America’s Newsroom which airs on weekdays from 9 am to 12 pm/ET. with Sandra Smith.

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Bill Hemmer Twitter

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Bill Hemmer News

Bill Hemmer presses Donna Brazile on allegations against Biden: ‘What should he say about it?’

Bill Hemmer pressed former Democratic National Committee (DNC) interim chair, Donna Brazile, Tuesday on allegations of sexual assault against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“I would hope, as we look into this mess, that we treat [it] as professionals, and not look for things that may not exist,” Brazile said during “Bill Hemmer Reports.”

More than a month after former staffer Tara Reade publicly accused Biden of sexual assault in a podcast on March 25, the former vice president himself has yet to address the issue — and even though he has conducted numerous interviews, no one in the media has asked Biden about the claims, either.

“As you all know, several newspapers have started their own investigations,” Brazile said.” The Biden campaign said several weeks ago that they welcome an investigation. So I don’t think anybody’s running away from any estimation.

“This is not a time to just simply use the politics of the moment to try to bring up stuff that may not exist.”

At the same time, Brazile emphasized that “whether it’s what we heard during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, or what we heard during the Trump campaign, or what we heard about several other men, that we allow women to speak up and have their voices heard.”

“The question is, what should he say about?” Hemmer asked Brazile.

“I believe that he will address it,” she said. “Look, his campaign has addressed it. The people who speak on his behalf have addressed it. And I’m sure, whenever he is asked the question, he will address it.

“I personally know Joe Biden,” Brazile added. “And I do believe that he will be able to tell his truth just like Ms. Reade has been able to tell her truth on several occasions.”

Source: Fox News

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